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Kampus BuyBack is a mobile application designed to offer students the opportunity to have access to affordable school books by encouraging student trade.

Kampus BuyBack is more than just a classifieds posting board; we provide online payments, excellent support, and work to ensure the quality of our marketplace.

If you want to buy something: Download the app, install it, create an account, and begin browsing the marketplace for your scholastic needs. When you find your desired item, add it to your cart and complete the transaction by following instructions given within your app 

If you want to sell something: Download the app, install it, create an account, take pictures of the item you want to sell, and fill in information about it. You will be informed when someone has bought the item. You will also be given instructions on how to complete the transaction. You have 7 days to respond to the initial purchase request.

Currently, we only provide our service in Noway.  We do, however, plan to expand the use of the platform to the North American, Middle Eastern, and European markets alike in the near future. Please check back with us soon.

Any Android or iOS compatible device will run the application. If you experience any issues with running the application on any device, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our application will soon be available on the iOS App Store, and the Android Marketplace.

Yes and no.

When a user adds an item, Kampus BuyBack will automatically add a service fee on top of the asking price. The service fee will be roughly equivalent to 10% of the asking price. For example, if a Buyer uploads an item for 100 kroner, the listed price would be about 110 kroner.

Around half of the aforementioned service fee is sent to our 3rd party payment gateway providers, which is located in the United States, for using their service. Following the example above, about 5 kroner would be sent to the payment gateway. This will vary due to day-to-day changes in exchange rates.

Because the other services are not like Kampus BuyBack. To begin with, Kampus BuyBack is not a classifieds app. Actual money passes through the platform, payments are made through it, and profits can be earned on it; it is a marketplace.

The platform is also specifically geared towards serving students at the University level within Norway. Kampus BuyBack is the only mobile marketplace in Norway that offers its users the access to affordable scholastic products.

No. Kampus BuyBack only works on mobile devices able to run Android or iOS applications.

After each transaction, both the Buyer and the Seller will have the opportunity to rate each other.

The Buyer rates the Seller on the following criteria:

  • Was the item advertised in an honest manner?
  • Did the seller show up on time?
  • Did the seller respond to messages in a timely manner?
  • Did the seller act professionally?
  • Do you recommend the seller?

The Seller rates the Buyer on the following criteria:

  • Did the buyer show up on time?
  • Did the buyer respond to messages in a timely manner?
  • Was the buyer respectful?
  • Do you recommend the buyer?

Through the implementation of our platform, you'll be able to agree on a time date and place of meeting with the party you are doing business with.
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