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Kampus BuyBack "Early Bird" Promotional Giveaway

The following are the terms regarding the "Early Bird" giveaway, with respect, but not limited to the following:

1. Giveaway Terms & Stipulations

The "Early Bird" Giveaway (giveaway, hereonin) is a promotional event sponsored by FOF Technologies, LLC (FOF Tech, hereonin), the creators of Kampus BuyBack, that invites all participants to sign up with the Kampus BuyBack platform before it is publicly available in order to be eligible for a free gift supplied by FOF Tech.

The Giveaway is intended only as a temporary promotional event that begins on August 1st, and ends on October 1st. This event is not to be confused with other events that FOF Tech is, or will be holding in the near future.

Participants are users who sign up with Kampus BuyBack through the company website ( within the designated time frame. If users sign up after the event is over, they will not be considered as part of the promotional giveaway applicants.

The Gift (gift, hereonin) consists of a promotional item that was hand-selected and branded by FOF Tech in order to offer its participants a functional item that may be used by students during times of study or school-related work.

2. Limitations

The Giveaway is only supplying a single, free gift to each participating member of the promotional event. If a user signs up for the application within the designated time-frame, they will receive the free promotional item.

Users may not sign up on other people's behalf. Each registering user must be signing up with their own information only.

3. Time Frame

The "Early Bird" giveaway begins on August 1st, 2017 at 12:00, and ends on October 1st at 12:00. The gift awarded to each participant will not be available earlier than September 10th, 2017 for collection.

Participants must collect their free gift before December 1st, 2017, otherwise they forfeit the right to claiming that said item. In this instance, the item in question shall be deemed as property of FOF Tech, and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the company.

4. Receiving of Promotional Gift Item

Participants of the Giveaway will be able to receive their promotional gift no earlier than September 10th of 2017. Participants must collect their Gift no later than December 1st of 2017, or they risk forfeiting (giving up) their right to any of the promotional items in this "Early Bird" giveaway.

Promotional gifts of this event can be collected at any Kampus BuyBack "Information Desk" within your university grounds. These Information Desks are green and white exhibit booths that will contain a Kampus BuyBack logo and name. Each desk will have at least one assistant that will be there to assist in questions regarding the application and to hand out any promotional items to participants of active promotional events.

If you are a participant that does not attend any of the partnered universities within Norway, you may collect your gift by either paying for the shipping and handling costs associated with delivering the gift to you, or picking it up yourself at one of the participating university locations.

5. Notification of Participation

If you signed up within the allotted time frame of the promotional event, and you were one of the 1000 individuals who was able to reserve a promotional item, then you will be notified of this when you first sign up via email.

A follow-up email will be sent to you one (1) week before you will be able to retrieve your promotional item. If you have the application downloaded and installed on your phone by then, you will receive this notification from with the Kampus BuyBack application itself.

In your second notification, you will receive instructions regarding where and when you will be able to retrieve your free gift.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the "Early Bird" giveaway, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .