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Caspar Fagerström

Caspar Fagerström is a Norwegian-born entrepreneur that has a background in international business administration from BI Norwegian Business school. Throughout his career, Caspar has worked for large corporations, small start-ups, and has even had his own ventures on the side. His propensity to place himself in different business environments has contributed to the accumulation of vast amounts of business-acumen that lends to his ability to share his valuable know-how with others.

Currently, Caspar is traveling the world to experience it as it should be: up close and personal. As he travels the globe, he will be sharing with our readers his personal encounters, adventures, and life-lessons, giving his audience a realistic and informative look into how the world really is and how we, his readers, can learn from them.

His unique approach to life causes him to always strive for self-improvement. He also does something most of us are terrified of doing: critically analyzing his situations in an effort to determine what lessons can be extracted for the sake of growth. He then shares his life-lessons with others in order to help them vicariously learn from his mistakes and, hopefully, grow from them as well.

Caspar is also a firm believer in the art of mindfulness and an advocate for meditation as a way of focusing on one’s life to ease one’s mind.

As such, we are blessed and honored to have Caspar be apart of the Kampus BuyBack team!