It's This Simple...

How being mindful can change the way you understand one’s self.

Imagine that you are standing on the top of a bridge looking down on the highway beneath you. You see cars driving; trucks, cars, motorcycles, caravans, semi-trailers, and buses. They all seem to drive in a stable and organized way. Now imagine that all of those vehicles represent thoughts in your mind at any given time.

A goal without a plan is just a dream, time to rethink.

Have you ever found yourself wondering when those results will come? That special day when your relationships will be perfect, that day when your confidence will be at the level you always dreamt about? Or that you will stop going to therapy and walk on your own two feet when the storm hits? What all these have in common is that it takes a strategy to get there. Let us explore that.

The Value of A Few Things Are More Important Than the Perceived Value of Everything and This Is Why

Sometimes it is really really hard knowing what to prioritize. We live in an endless flow of opportunities with endless possibilities, and ways forward. Making´s one choice means that you give up another opportunity which can be scary and as a young person I can relate. Shall one pursuit career within X field or shall I follow the trajectory of getting a job, house, spouse, kids, and life in that order. Or a completely different path. Maybe become a teacher or become a tech entrepreneur. I tried both. I still have not made up my mind. So as you can imagine, deciding what to do is harder than it sounds. What you feel you should be doing and what people think you should do seems to never be aligned.

Your narrative might be off my friend, but there is a way, as always.

Ever found yourself on the bottom of a mountain and wonder how to get up? Or found yourself looking for a new way in life and wondering how to go about. Depending on your narrative, that can be either super intriguing or super appalling. Let us dive into this.