It's This Simple...

Your narrative might be off my friend, but there is a way, as always.

Ever found yourself on the bottom of a mountain and wonder how to get up? Or found yourself looking for a new way in life and wondering how to go about. Depending on your narrative, that can be either super intriguing or super appalling. Let us dive into this.

Your narrative is how you view the world. It is like magic eyeglasses of life that you wear all the time, filtering your reality, every breathing moment of your life. Your narrative decides how you view the world and how you experience it. Scientists claim that almost 90% of what actually goes on around you might go missing because of your mind´s active filtering and only 10% of the world will be within those glasses. Which makes sense why you sense to see the world in your favor, no matter what happens.

Quite frankly, how often do we actually question our own reality? If you remember 5 years back, I am pretty sure that you have made some choices that you at that point in time thought you were never going to change. Personally, 5 years ago, if someone would have suggested that I should check out veganism I would have laughed. If someone would have told me that I would stop partying and drinking like a juvenile at the age of 25, get into meditation and mindfulness by the age of 27 and stop valuing money as a metric of success, I would have laughed. Laughter fuelled by ignorance. Boy, I was wrong.

Fast forward to 2019; I embrace them all. Not just did I embrace them, I keep exploring deeper and seeking more, in various areas of my life. No matter if it is food and nutrition, mental health and spirituality or how to live a more fulfilling life, I am all for it, reminding myself that I might be ignorant.

In the age of 22, I thought like most of us probably do, that life could not get any “better”. I was painfully wrong, and looking back at I realize it has taught me some of the most important lessons in life; when you think you got the hang of it, life will serve you another punch to make sure you do not think like that. Questioning your narrative about life might be the single most important question you will ever have to ask yourself. How does my narrative fit into all of this and is there another version of this narrative? A more fulfilling and complete life? A happier and more simple version? A big chance you might be out of your game here, I know I was.

Acknowledging that you might be wrong 95% of the time allows you to learn and adapt to a world that is changing. For a lot of us, that starts with apologizing for being an asshole or treating someone poorly, which I am pretty sure we all are guilty of doing. There is a lot in our world that we thought was super reasonable back in the days, which in hindsight were all fucked. Examples such as slavery, colonization, no voting for women, burning witches, genocide, well, the list is long and cruel. You can put two and two together yourself. We have done a lot of stupid shit in the past, a big chance we will continue that trend if we take a quick look at the current political circus. We like to think we are sophisticated but if you look at our current state of union, it is clear we are out of our fu*king league. So my friend, lean back and allow yourself to not know what to do. That is what we used to be doing before everyone got themselves a YouTube Ph.d. in Everything. We all know how that turned out.

If I hear myself saying “no” or being defensive, I know I have a job to do. Being wrong is really hard and acknowledging that I actually should not raise my opinion as a fact before I have researched the topic at hand is even harder. Everyone, these days, have an opinion, but most people have not done their homework, I know because I have claimed to know stuff even do I have not read a single line of research. We all do, every day. Just because you are intellectually able to make an opinion by yourself does not make it valid to be broadcasted as a fact. It just makes up another opinion in the lines of opinions we have throughout our lives.

Question yourself about everything, all the time. Remember, the reason why you can read this blog post on a SmartPhone is that someone thought the past experience of newspapers and phones sucked. We are pretty excited they made life better for us.

To summarise; just because it feels right and people do it does not mean it is the best perspective. Slavery proves that. Do not be an advocate for ignorant-stupidity. Good luck.


Caspar Fagerström