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Got Books! Contest Rules

October, 16th 2018

Welcome Kampus BuyBackers! This is our second competition we're holding this year. But don't worry, it won't be our last. In the mean time, scroll below to find the current contest rules. Make sure to read them in full!

The rules are very easy:

1. Start by downloading the app and creating a user if you haven't already.

2. Enter the competition by simply up uploading items for sale to the KBB Marketplace. Each item you upload will give you an extra entry in the competition, and will give you a bigger chance of winning one of three prizes each week.

3. We will randomly select three entries that have been uploaded to the KBB Marketplace during the competition. The users that have uploaded these items will win one of three prizes.(The first week of the competition will begin Monday October 29th)

Note: The winning entries will be discarded from next weeks raffle, but the users will still be able to participate until the end of the competition. For example; Let's assume that you have uploaded ten products to the Marketplace. This results in ten entries to the contest. We randomly select an entry, and one of your ten happens to be the lucky winner. This entry will no longer be in the competition, but your other nine entries will be! You can continue to participate in the coming weeks by uploading more products to the Marketplace.

That's all for now.  See you next time!

The Kampus BuyBack Team

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