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Reintroducing: Kampus BuyBack

April, 9th 2018

Hey Students!

We hope you’re enjoying the summer and are ready for the upcoming semester just around the corner. We have decided to focus on perfecting the Kampus BuyBack “experience”. So, worry not, dear friends, for we are still here! You will see more of us on social media and around campus soon.

As a result of these efforts, Kampus BuyBack will not only be the student marketplace, where its users can sell and buy books with ease, but also offer a variety of other opportunities. Kampus BuyBack is about creating a platform where students from around the globe can come together to learn, share and grow with one another into a budding community. This is the Kampus BuyBack experience!

Now, we have a treat in store for you, but before we get there, we want to show you how Kampus BuyBack will make your life at school that much easier.

Let’s start with the basics:

What Is Kampus BuyBack?

Simply put, Kampus BuyBack is a digital marketplace. Since this marketplace can only be accessed through a smart phone, this makes it a mobile marketplace. Why emphasis on the word ‘mobile’?  Because what’s better than having a store, whether you’re a seller or a buyer, that goes anywhere and everywhere you go? 

How Can Kampus BuyBack Make My Life At School Easier?

Within the Kampus BuyBack marketplace, a student can find everything they need for campus life. Ranging from books, to electronics, to home apparel, and to anything else they may need at a bargain price. Furthermore, students can use the marketplace to sell items they no longer need. To better illustrate this, let’s assume the following two scenarios take place:

Scenario A Let’s say Jack is a first-year student. Jan needs books for his first semester of classes but is limited in funds. He also needs a couch and coffee table for his new dorm room but can’t seem to find anyone willing to sell him what he needs at a price he can afford. What is he to do?

Scenario BLet’s say Janet is a third-year student. Janet is almost finished with her degree and needs to move to a new city where a prospective job awaits her. Janet plans on taking most of her belonging with her but does not plan on taking any of her old school books or her laptop; she would like to sell them to other students that may need what she has, but she doesn’t know many people and does not have the time to find potential buyers. What is she to do?

In both scenarios, Jan and Janet would have their problems solved immediately with Kampus BuyBack. Not only can you find more affordable goods on our marketplace, but you can also get rid of what you don’t need with simplicity and speed.

How is Kampus BuyBack Different Than Apps Like Shpock, Letgo, or Finn?

Kampus BuyBack is more than just a classifieds posting board; it is a mobile marketplace that provides a safe and secure transacting environment specifically for students. Through our student marketplace, we provide online payments, a patent-pending transacting system that prevents fraud and theft, professional-grade technical support, and an environment that truly caters to the needs of all students.

Furthermore, when Kampus BuyBack partners with universities or educational institutions, the students at those institutions benefit the most. A percentage of the monthly profits from student-sales and purchases are given to these respective institutions in order to provide their students with an even greater level of educational support.

Is Kampus BuyBack Free To Use?

Yes and no. For buyers, it is completely free to use. All you need is your bank card. For Sellers, since the services we offer our students come at a cost to us, we found it necessary to charge a small service fee to our Sellers when they decide to use the marketplace.

Why Can't Kampus BuyBack Be Free?

As much as we’d love to offer our service to all our fellow students for free, it would be difficult to continue to offer our high-quality level of services at our current ability without having the need for financial support in doing so. However, we guarantee that our users will always find what they are looking for on our marketplace, whether to save on purchases, or make money on sales.

Is Kampus BuyBack Secure?

Extremely! We don’t even store your personal data on our servers. That information is stored on the servers of Stripe, the payment gateway company that we, and other company’s like Uber, use to process transactions. So, if you’re wondering whether it is safe to use our marketplace, the answer is a resounding “YES”!

Now that you know the basics, we have a small gift for you on the next page.

That's all for now.  See you next time!

The Kampus BuyBack Team

Have any questions or suggestions? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.